Since its invention, television has been a tool for families. We all remember gathering up in the sofa and that cosy atmosphere nothing could break, except for one thing maybe, the news.

News is boring for kids

To turn something perceives as boring into something educational and entertaining, BBC will create a new feature in its online collection, made specifically for a younger audience.

How it works

By pointing a smartphone or tablet towards the TV, BBC´s app will be able to recognize the service on the screen and show the correspondent kids-friendly service.

1 – US elections  

How can you explain what the US presidential election is and how it works to a kid? Well, you start with letting them understand the main parties, Democrats and Republicans. 

“Once upon a time there were a monkey and a elephant who wanted the same job…”

2 – Tesla sends car into space  

Let’s make kids meet topics like science, physic, maths at an early age… Maybe BBC will be able to help finding out the inventors of the future!

3 – What happened in Sweden last night?

As with all breaking news, there´s one topic everyone speaks about. In this case, something that happened in Sweden. But to understand this news, you first need to know if Sweden is an alien, superhero or a country!

4 – Gender gap  

Kids are the key to decrease the gender gap in the future. We need them to understand the problem from an early age. BBC can show them everyday examples, taken from a kid point of view – what if it’s ”sweets” instead of ”dollars”?

Parental Control

Parents always want to keep their children safe and that’s why the app filters the content based on the age of the kid.

Parents can also choose what topics they want their children to learn more about and the content shows will be customized accordingly.

The first step if you want to change the world is to understand it. BBC enables kids doing just that.

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D&AD New Blood: Wood Pencil
Graphis New Talent Annual 2018

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